Burgers Platter


All comes with halved buns
16 pieces per box. Please select maximum of two flavours per box

Honey Mustard Chicken 
Rocket, roasted chicken, cucumber, Creamy Honey Dijon

Pesto Chicken 
Spinach, roasted chicken, cucumber, olives, Basil Pesto

Creamy Tuna
Baby spinach, tuna flakes, red onions, Creamy Caesar

Wasabi Salmon
Rocket, sustainable smoked salmon, red onions, cucumber, jalapeno, Creamy Wasabi Honey Soy

Egg & Feta 
Rocket, grated eggs, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, feta, Honey Dijon

Middle Eastern Spiced Falafels 
Spinach, falafels, cucumber, capsicum, olives, cherry tomatoes, Indian Spiced Yoghurt

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